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Walkera QR Spacewalker UP02 Firmware Upgrade Tool AdapterBrand New Product! Includes The Following Items: Qty: 1 UP02 Firmware Upgrade Tool Adapter Additional Photos: Specifications: UP02 Firmware Upgrade Tool AdapterCompatibilities:Many Helicopter Quadcopter Airplane Boat Car ControllerUDI RC U830Walkera FPV100Walkera G400Walkera Genius CpWalkera Genius CP V2Walkera Hifa 5.8Ghz FPVWalkera Hifa Wifi FPVWalkera Hoten-XWalkera Master CPWalkera Mini CPWalkera QR Infra XWalkera QR LadybirdWalkera QR Ladybird V1 6-AxisWalkera QR Ladybird V2 3-AxisWalkera QR MX400Walkera QR SpacewalkerWalkera QR W100 5.8Ghz FPVWalkera QR W100 WiFiWalkera QR W100S 5.8Ghz FPVWalkera QR W100S WifiWalkera QR X350Walkera QR X350 FPV 5.8GhzWalkera QR X400Walkera QR Y100 WiFiWalkera Runner 250 (R) Advanced GPS Quadcopter DroneWalkera Runner 250 DIYWalkera Super CPWalkera V100D08Walkera V120D02SWalkera V450D01 FPV 5.8GhzWalkera X350 Premium
For: Walkera QR Spacewalker
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Also Compatible With: Many | Walkera Genius Cp | Walkera Hifa Wifi FPV | Walkera Mini CP | Walkera QR Infra X | Walkera QR Ladybird | | Walkera QR W100 5.8Ghz FPV | Walkera QR W100S 5.8Ghz FPV | Walkera QR X350 | Walkera Super CP | Walkera QR X350 FPV 5.8Ghz | Walkera Hifa 5.8Ghz FPV | Walkera G400 | Walkera Hoten-X | Walkera QR X400 | Walkera FPV100 | Walkera QR MX400 | Walkera V1... And any other custom application you can dream up!
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